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Cocktail Party Info: Affordable Web Host -

Cocktail Party Info: Affordable Web Host: This Free EBook is about several food rules to consider when having a cocktail party. Food that is great for your cocktail party would be mostly finger foods. No big clean ups, and they can be prepared before

Web-Host-Uploader  v.105

Great little freeware tool to simplify your website maintenance. Just one click to upload all changed files! Never again worry about uploading all those little files and missing one. A very handy little webmaster tool.

Top Web Host  v.1.101

Top Web host Toolbarr.This is news feed for you. This is weather update. This is gadget

Easy-Web-Host  v.1.0

Easy-Web-Host is easy web hosting software contains virtual web hosting and ftp for easy site upload.

Web Hosting Buyers Guide  v.1.5

The Web Hosting Buyers Guide is a free report which has been produced to help you find the best web host for your individual needs.

Web site down  v.2.0

This program stays minimized to system tray and tells you if your web site/web host is online or offline by changing its system tray icon color.

CIS WebServer  v.3.5.16

Make your PC a virtual web host. CIS WebServer makes available your website on the web from your computer. Which means you can host your website on your PC rather than looking for those free host or paying your web hosting company.CIS WebServer is

EverWatch Server Monitor  v.1.0

EverWatch Server Monitor allows you to continuously and automatically poll the web server of your choice at a specified interval. Check your web host to see if it's really up as much as they say it is. Detailed event and statistics logging can

Link Checker  v.2009

Weblink Checker is a very simple tool which instantly checks your web site on your PC before you upload it to your web host. Simply select the file corresponding to your home page and the software will instantly spider your site on your PC, checking

Childs Play FTP  v.2.1

One of the biggest problems facing new webmasters is getting to grips with an FTP program, so they can upload their web site from their PC onto their web host. Many new webmasters really struggle with the technical nature of most FTP programs. This

Really Easy FTP  v.1.0

Really Easy FTP 1.0 is a program to delete technical complexity automatically. When you first use the software, it will automatically upload your entire website from your PC onto your web host with a single button click. (You can skip this if you

Weblink Checker  v.2.1

Weblink Checker 2.1 is a tool searching and fixing broken links on your Web site. You can use it to instantly check your entire Web site on your PC before uploading to your Web host. Simply select the file corresponding to your home page and the

WebPage-O-Matic Business Edition  v.2.01

Creates an effective business website in minutes. Will even create a simple secure shopping cart for your product if you have a hosting account with a compatible web host. Based on web design principles that are proven to sell products on the web.

Coupon Spawner  v.1.0

Coupon Spawner is a simple piece of software that directly installs on your web host. It includes an administrator interface that runs on your desktop and enables you to create, modify and monitor your created coupons. Adding coupons to your offers

Polls Producer  v.1.0

Polls Producer is a simple piece of software that you install on your web host. Not only are you able to create your polls but you also have the ability to easily monitor them from the interface which runs directly on your desktop. Polls Producer is

NopCommerce  v.1.00

Our easy-to-use shopping cart solution is uniquely suited for merchants that have outgrown existing systems, and may be hosted with your current web host. nopCommerce is focused on providing a robust e-commercce application that is stable and highly

Internet Discussion Boards  v.b

Internet Discussion Boards is a message board system by Game Maker 2k. Its very easy to set up. Your web host needs PHP and CUBRID / MySQL / MariaDB / PostgreSQL / SQLite. Internet Discussion Boards is Open Source so you can make changes to

My.netAdmin  v.1.0 Admin is an ASP based MySQL database administration program. Built with the Windows web host in mind, this system makes using a MySQL database on a Windows shared web hosting system easy and efficient. Currently at version 4.11

DCAM Server  v.rc

DCAM WebCam Server w/ Personal Web Server (PWS) makes it easy to capture live streaming video and broadcast it on your web page. DCAM also has a built in HTTP personal web server (PWS) for those without a web host.

SecurityXPlorer  v.1.0

Intended for web administrators who host their site on a shared web host, and thus don't have the privileges to install various security software. Main purpose of SecurityXPlorer is searching for backdoors (malicious PHP and ASP scripts) on server.

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